Wisconsin CAFO Watch is intended to be a resource for those concerned with the environmental, public health, and socioeconomic  impacts of industrial livestock agriculture in Wisconsin. The goals are to foster communication between concerned citizens and activists from around the state; speed the dissemination of useful information to those to are fighting CAFOs in their communities; and enable the growth of a state-wide movement that promotes healthy, sustainable livestock farming.

Selected individuals are invited to post news, commentary, events, and other information on the blog. If you would like to be approved to post items to this blog, please send an email to “jsaul [at] midwestadvocates [dot] org” explaining your interest in the blog, your background, and your commitment to the goals of this blog. In order to prevent spamming and maintain professionalism, you must be a registered Word Press user to post comments.

Disclaimer: The opinions contained in this blog are solely those of the individual author, and should not be attributed to any other person or organization, unless expressly stated in the post itself. The blog Administrator, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to delete any posting that is needlessly inflammatory or runs counter to the blog’s goals.


One Response to “About Wisconsin CAFO Watch”

  1. Todd Lohenry Says:

    Why did you stop posting? There’s never been a time when this site was more needed than today…

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